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Johanna Kujaw
Tel. 04402 939 063

oder 0173 245 29 73

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

German, Spanish and French are the most spoken languages in the world. Due to the Johanna KujawJohanna Kujawfact that the globalisation relates to the entire horse section I offer you the following equine services.

Please note that below you will find further information on:
- my person
- references
- contact

If you have any questions, feel always free to ask!
You can get in touch with me via info@jokukom.de
or phone me at +49 4402 939 063 or +49 173 245 2973


Yours sincerely,
Johanna Kujaw


Equine Services

  • Equine language service in German, Spanish, Italian and French for a perfect atmosphere at:
    - auctions,
    - sales,
    - negotiations,
    - horse shows,
    - clinics,
    - competitions 

  • Organization and coordination of sales events in view of the customs and habits of foreign clients

  • Equine presentations and comments (horse shows, sales presentations, auctions, live-coverages of equestrian
    events including dressage, eventing, show jumping and breeding, DVDs of sires, etc.)

  • Equine language courses  in English, German, Spanish and French (issues: horse breeding, horse evaluation, schooling of rider and horse in dressage, jumping and eventing, judgeing, equestrian events, course design, veterinary examinations, etc.)

  • Equine translations of foreign commercial correspondence, presentations, stallion catalogues, stud farms, training and sales centers, products etc.

  • Organization and Coordination of the customer service in view of the customs and habits of foreign clients.

  • Professional clinics (Dressage and Jumping) at every riding level in English, German, Spanish and French

  • Care of connections to foreign clients and partners

  • Planning of negotiations and presentations; Assistance for speeches.

  • Development of customer care programs. 

  • Representation at international events such as fairs, competitions, conferences, auctions etc.


 About me

Johanna M. F. Kujaw

Johanna KujawJohanna Kujaw

Many years linguistic experience due to stays abroad in co-operation with foreign companies

Many years of experience in equine linguistic due to stays abroad at internationally appreciated stables, specialized in dressage, show-jumping and eventing

Diploma of bilingual secretary

Diploma of International Administration and Management - specializing in Tourism Management

Travel experience including appropriate knowledge of location

Skilful in working with customers

Certificate of "Academy of Horse Management"

Sporting (golf, dancing, equestrian), musically and culturally experienced

Much riding experience at the highest level in dressage and show-jumping

Trainer licence of German Equestrian Federation (FN)

Independent adviser and assistant for horse marketing since 2002

Internationally successful with equine linguistic services such as translations, language courses, presentations etc.
since 2006



If you are interested in my clientele, please have a look at my list of selected references:


Böckmann Pferde GmbH

Bundesvereinigung der Berufsreiter im Deutschen Reiter- und Fahrer- Verband e. V.

ClipMyHorse.TV Deutschland GmbH

Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung e.V. (FN)

Deutsches Olympiade-Komitee für Reiterei (DOKR)

Dietz & Consorten Werbeagentur GmbH

En Garde Marketing GmbH

FORUM Zeitschriften und Spezialmedien GmbH

FWK Sporthorses B.V.

Gestüt Bonhomme

Gestüt Brune

Gestüt Lewitz

Gestüt Gut Roest

Gestüt Sprehe GmbH

Hof Sosath

Horse Media Solutions GmbH

Klaus Plönzke Gestüt Tannenhof

Landesverband Bayerischer Pferdezüchter e.V.

Landgestüt Redefin

Mitteldeutsche Pferdemarketing GmbH

Niedersächsisches Landgestüt Celle

Oldenburger Pferdezuchtverband e.V.

Paul Schockemöhle Pferdehaltung GmbH

Pferdesport Wintermühle GmbH

Pferdesportverband Rheinland e.V.

Pferdezuchtverband Brandenburg-Anhalt e.V.

pro-bit webagentur e.K.

pro-equi GmbH & Co. KG

Reitschule Johannenhof

Shane Mosele

Sporting Performance & Consulting – Janine Weber

Sportpferde Kurbel

Tierklinik Lüsche GmbH

Verband der Züchter des Holsteiner Pferdes e.V.

Verband hannoverscher Warmblutzüchter e.V.

ZÜCHTERFORUM - Matthaes Medien GmbH & Co.KG



 International Communication Service


Johanna KujawJohanna Kujaw 

Johanna Kujaw

Buttelmannsweg 32
D-26180 Rastede

T: +49 4402 939063
F: +49 4402 939062
M: +49 173 2452973


 St.-Nr. 69/125/03237


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